Apex Legends Event Turns 3 Legends Into VTubers

The newest Apex Legends event scheduled to begin on July 19th expectedly comes with a couple of new skins for players to equip after purchasing them, but it also comes with something else that's available now: VTubers. The Gaiden event has brought about three different VTuber avatars modeled after three Legends – Mirage, Bangalore, and Octane – and you can download them now free of charage to go ahead and get your VTuber setup in order or just to have them for the future should you ever be inclined to start streaming some Apex Legends.

These three VTuber avatars are modeled after the looks the Legends gained during the Gaiden event itself. Those are Mirage's Masked Man skin, Bangalore's Apex Commander Prestige cosmetic, and Octane's Sea Legs skin, and unlike the skins themselves, these VTuber avatars don't cost anything and are totally free to download now.

But even though they're free to download and keep, that doesn't mean the process of putting together your own VTuber setup is any less involved. It's a multi-step process that requires downloading something like VTube Studio from Steam, too, while also setting up your webcam and properly loading up your avatar.

Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment has a how-to guide on the same page as the VTuber giveaway announcement, so if this if your first time messing with all this, you should find your answers there. If you're rather revisit all that later, you can go ahead and download the avatars in question and return to the instructional page at a later date to get things in order.

With these avatars available now, we'll see the actual skins themselves released in a couple of days once the next event gets underway on Tuesday. You'll have to pay for both Mirage's and Octane's if you want to get those, but the one for Bangalore won't be earned through conventional means via the in-game store. Instead, you'll have to acquire all 40 cosmetics available during this event similar to how Heirlooms are acquired during events if you want to own this one.

Apex's new event is scheduled to get underway on July 19th.