ARMS Gets A Pretty Extendable Honest Trailer

It’s Tuesday, which means we see a fresh round of Honest Trailers released from the team at Smosh Games. And they didn’t disappoint, providing a new Honest Game Trailer for Nintendo’s latest beat-em-up for the Nintendo Switch, ARMS.

The trailer covers pretty much all the bases, talking about the cast of characters that are included in the game, the gameplay, the inability to map certain functions on your controller (like having the block button on the left thumbstick “for some reason”) and more.

After making a “The right to bear arms” joke, the ARMS Honest Trailer leads into what the game is all about, where you can “master the art of the long-range sucker punch”, and explain how it’s a combination of Sega’s classic Virtual On and the classic multiplayer game Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.

The team also makes note that ARMS is the strangest game for a fighting game setting since Shrek Super Slam – and then goes on to question why that game particularly exists while showing a small clip of Shrek throwing Donkey around. (No, we don’t get it either. It’s just…there.)

ARMS’ combatants are also discussed, like Byte & Barq essentially being “a Robocop and his dog,” an ancient mummy, the “horrible abomination” Helix, “a witch that beats you up with her hair” (Twinelle), and Kid Cobra, “a guy that might just be a bunch of snakes in human clothing” (ooh, sneaky), amongst others. And then there’s Brass, the final boss, described as “robot Johnny Bravo” and his Doctor Octopus hat. (Kudos to the team for also mentioning Punch-Out!! DLC…though would Mike Tyson really fare well in a game like this?)


The gameplay is also touched upon, including the tactic of simply mashing buttons and hoping you survive, along with the inability to map your controls however you see fit, so that the block function is actually useful. The team also makes note that fans hope that Shiggy will support it like Splatoon, because, well, it deserves it.

Check out the trailer above, and enjoy the laughs that it has to provide. Then check out ARMS for Nintendo Switch and go join us in some extendable battles. Dibs on Twinelle!