ARMS Getting Another Update Before Year’s End – And A Strange New Character

ARMS Version 5 New Fighter

Nintendo has been doing a fantastic job updating its extendable limb-based fighting game ARMS, adding a number of new characters and modes to keep players on their toes. But just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean that the team is taking it easy

The publisher has hinted at yet another new update that will be coming to the hit Nintendo Switch title before year’s end, dubbed “Version 5.0”. Though it didn’t reveal what all the update entails, one thing is for sure – the cast will be shaken up with the addition of yet another new character.

As you can see in the trailer below, the character has a freaky-ish sort of appearance, with neon green hair and some very thick golden arms that look like they could do a great deal of damage. The music playing in the trailer indicates that, whoever this is, players are going to have a handful going up against him – or a field day playing as him.

A date hasn’t been given on the new update just yet, but it’s likely going to drop after the holiday season, since Nintendo’s busy with trying to get Nintendo Switch systems out the door and all. They could surprise us sooner, though, so we’ll see.

ARMS is available now for Nintendo Switch.