Astro Knights Hits Kickstarter and Smashes Through Goal

Indie Boards & Cards has launched its latest Kickstarter campaign for its new deck-building game Astro Knights, and it has smashed through its funding goal. Astro Knights had a goal of $20,000 but has since amassed $63,333 at last count, and with 16 days to go, you can expect more to come in. Astro Knights is a 1 to 4 player cooperative game that puts players in the role of Astro Knights, heroes that defend the universe from massive threats, of which there are several to battle against in the core box. The game is a deck-builder, but it shakes up that mechanic by never requiring you to shuffle your heroes' decks. Trust me, this is awesome in execution, and I'll have full impressions up soon. In the meantime, you can check out the full campaign on Kickstarter right here.

In Astro Knights you use Tech, Fuel, and Weapon cards to build up your decks, giving you access to heavy damage dealers and unique abilities that allow you to take advantage of your team's various skills. You each also have a special ability that can be used as many times as needed as long as you have the energy to power it, and these can really make or break a battle.

(Photo: Indie Boards & Cards)

As for the deck-building itself, unlike most games, you never shuffle your hero's deck. You are able to manipulate the order of your discard pile as you go and other cards allow you to manipulate them further. When it's time to draw your hand and you are out of cards, you don't shuffle your discard pile. Instead, you flip it right over, allowing a level of strategy to the mix since you have an idea of what's coming next if you've been moving things around and paying attention.

You'll take on colossal bosses and their minions in each game, and along the way they will level up and gain new abilities, becoming even deadlier as they near death. The only way to beat them is to work together and amass some lethal weaponry of your own.

You can get the full game, all milestones, and The Orion System expansion for $39, and you can get the All-In tier, which includes the expansion, all the milestones, and the payment, for $59.

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