Atari Speakerhats Now Available, Including An Awesome Blade Runner 2049 Model


Atari’s been turning heads lately, with its introduction of its forthcoming AtariBox, and its previously announced line of “speakerhats,” ballcaps that actually have speakers built into them. But now, it’s powered with a major force to create a new “speakerhat” that no appreciative fan of Blade Runner should be without.

The publisher has announced that it has launched the first wave of its “Speakerhats” on its official AtariLife page, powered by Audiowear, and available for $129.99 apiece. But if you really want to go the extra mile, there’s a limited edition Blade Runner 2049 one available, featuring cryptic writing above the recognizable Atari logo, going for $10 more. The hat has been produced in conjunction with Warner Bros. to promote the sequel, which is dropping into theaters this Friday.

For those unaware of what a “speakerhat” is, Atari provided a pretty good description in its press release. “The Speakerhat is a baseball-style cap with high-fidelity stereo speakers and microphone that can connect instantly to any Bluetooth-supported device, enabling phone calls, audio/music, and voice control. Powered by Audiowear, Atari Speakerhats have been precision-designed and engineered to the highest audio standards to deliver a unique and powerful experience to a range of active consumers, including gamers and streamers, outdoor and fitness enthusiasts, skaters, musicians, sports fans, tech early-adopters and many others.”


“Atari continues to prove its staying-power and relevance as a true pop-culture lifestyle brand,” said Atari Connect COO, Michael Arzt. “With the recent reveal of our Ataribox project and now with Atari Speakerhats and the AtariLife.comwebsite, we are building toward a full offering of connected personal devices and lifestyle products that will deliver entertainment, technology, social connectivity and fashion to a whole new generation of Atari fans, while also honoring the decades of affection and devotion from our most loyal ones.”


As you can see, the Blade Runner model looks pretty sleek, with a “Katakana” logo replacing the usual Atari brand. It’ll also come in a distinctive gift box with exclusive Blade Runner 2049 and Atari stickers to place wherever you want. They’re going for $139.99, and are expected to be very limited.

The other hats look great as well, so feel free to shop around the AtariLife shop and see which one suits you best!