Atari VCS Pre-Orders Are Live Right Now

UPDATE: Pre-orders will go live at this link starting at 9 AM EDT. Have at it!ORIGINAL STORY: [...]

Atari VCS

UPDATE: Pre-orders will go live at this link starting at 9 AM EDT. Have at it!

ORIGINAL STORY: There's a lot of mystery surrounding Atari's forthcoming Video Computer System -- or VCS -- console. We're still wondering exactly what kind of games it plays; how much it'll end up being in the long haul; and when we'll be able to get our hands on it. All the same, the company looks to be moving forward with its crowdfunding program. And it kicks off a lot sooner than you may think.

The company has noted that its Indiegogo for the Atari VCS is set to go live on May 30 starting at 6 AM PDT. It'll be at this link once it starts running and the first round of systems are expected to go for around $199.

But now come the questions. On that date, will Atari post a gameplay video showing us what we can expect from the hardware or will it be filled with talking heads? Keep in mind that during the last demo for the Atari VCS -- around Game Developers Conference time in March -- the company showed off a system with nothing in it.

It's come along a bit further in development since that time; and we've gotten a few answers in regards to what to expect. But we still haven't seen just what this system is capable of just yet. And if we're pouring $200 into hardware, we'd kind of like to get an idea of what it does, you know?

There's also talk that we won't be playing the Atari VCS anytime soon. Rumor has it that the system has slipped into some kind of 2019 release. Not early 2019 or late 2019, but just the year. Maybe we'll see some more information once the Indiegogo campaign goes live; but for now, it seems to be shrouded in mystery, leaving us wondering what's up.

So keep a close eye on this link if you want to learn more about the system and see what you're getting into. But just make sure you get all the details before you plunk down your hard-earned money. Hopefully Atari will make the console worth our while.

We'll let you know whatever other details come for the Atari VCS as soon as they're available!