Marvel Studios' Avengers: Damage Control Adds New Dates

Marvel has revealed that Avengers: Damage Control, the virtual reality experience that tasks players with helping out the Avengers against Ultron, has officially extended its run. Select The VOID locations, which is the only place one can go through Damage Control, now have tickets available through the end of the year. If you've ever wanted to pilot a combination of Wakandan and Stark technology, this is your chance.

It's unclear exactly what might happen when Avengers: Damage Control wraps up its extended run at The VOID. There's every possibility that even more new dates could be added, or that the experience could find itself added to a Disney theme park, or that it could simply evolve into a different Marvel VR thing. There's just no telling, but the fact that it sounds like an incredible experience probably means it won't be going away completely.

Avengers: Damage Control has various heroes take on Ultron in a VR experience that is kind of Marvel Cinematic Universe canon, and kind of not. While it takes place in familiar locations and features several folks that should be familiar to fans of the MCU, it's also somewhat outside all of that.

"We want it to be authentically Marvel Studios. So, we approached it the same way we approached everything else as you can see," Marvel Studios executive producer on Damage Control Dave Bushore said when gave the experience a go. "So, we gave it the same love and attention and it went through the same creative processes as we go through with everything else. The same people were involved in the same pipelines and a lot of the same talented producers on both the visual effects side and on the studio side. And also the talent from the films. You know that's the key right there is that people get to come in for the first time and actually experience that, and be in there with their favorite characters, and their favorite heroes."

"So, it was about looking at the 10 years of stories we've put on the screen, and the films and all the fun, fun things that live in there that people have either grown up with or wanting to experience but also putting new stuff in, and new locations and you get to go to the Wakanda Outreach Center and suit up and so it's very much a new conversation," Bushore continued. "That's the fun of it, I think for us is having that door open to having conversation with the fans in a new way."

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Here's how Marvel describes Avengers: Damage Control:


"Avengers: Damage Control takes us to a Wakandan Outreach Center, where Shuri (Letitia Wright) is testing her latest invention: Emergency Response Suits, which are a blend of Wakandan and Stark Industries technology. No sooner are the suits on that Ultron attacks a Damage Control center and that’s where you step in. Fighting alongside the likes of Ant-Man, the Wasp, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and more it’s up to you to help save the day!"

Avengers: Damage Control is currently available at select The VOID locations fir a limited time. Interested folks can book tickets right here. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the virtual reality experience right here.

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