Surprise Batman: Arkham Knight Update Gives Everyone Two Free Skins

Years after its release, Batman: Arkham Knight got a new update this week that made two different skins available to all players just in case they didn't have an opportunity to get them before. Rocksteady Studios announced the surprise release this week and said that the update in question had unlocked the Zur En Arrh and Anime Batman skins for all players. If you never got a chance to try them out before and get an itch for more Batman, you can update your version of Batman: Arkham Knight to add the two Batman skins to your collections.

Rocksteady's release of the two skins was announced on social media with the graphic below included to show what they look like in case you hadn't seen them before. They're not new by any means, but if you never were able to get them before, they'll be new and available to you now.

These two skins were first made available back in 2015 when the game first released. Both the Zur En Arrh and Anime Batman skins were rewards for singing up for a WB Play ID and participating in the forums. You'd get the Anime Batman skin for properly setting up your account and would get the Zur En Arrh cosmetic for using the forums.

Those offers were only available for a while though which mean that many players who got the game later weren't able to get them. Inquiries like the one below have occasionally been fielded on social media by the WB Games Support accounts from people who still wanted to get the skins years after launch. The demand was apparently strong enough for those requests to make their way up to the game's team to warrant the re-release.


Batman: Arkham Knight's two free skins are now available to all players as soon as the game's latest update is installed.