New Batman Game Will Reportedly Be Announced Next Month

According to a new report, Warner Bros. Montreal's new Batman game will be announced at The Game Awards 2019 on December 12. The report comes way of YouTube Channel SLCMOF, who reveals that the information comes from the same source who previously leaked the cancelled Damian Wayne Batman game. In other words, the source is seemingly reliable, and has been backed by The Arkham Channel, who also notes that the source is trustworthy. In other words, unlike some previous leaks, there seems to be something to this.

Unfortunately, for now, this is where the details dry up, though the aforementioned YouTube channel does note they will be revealing more information soon. That said, of course all of this should be taken with a grain of salt. For one, even if they have a scoop, things are subject to change. But two because it's unofficial information, and until you hear something from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment itself, there's nothing here worth taking a bet on at the bookies, especially considering the only information provided is relatively obvious.

Back in September, Warner Bros. Montreal teased the game, suggesting a reveal was imminent, but obviously this wasn't the case. That said, there's only one big event left this year that could house such an announcement, and so to predict it will be at the show isn't exactly a risky take. In fact, it's what I've personally heard scuttlebutt about for awhile now.

At the moment, we don't know anything official about the game other than that Kevin Conroy will not be voice of Batman in it. Beyond this, we've heard reports about the Court of Owls and that the game will let you play as the entire Batman family, but unlike the Kevin Conroy information, none of this is official.