Batman: The Animated Series Adventures Game Shadow of the Bat Launches on Kickstarter

If you're a fan of Batman: The Animated Series (and let's face it, of course, you are), then IDW [...]

If you're a fan of Batman: The Animated Series (and let's face it, of course, you are), then IDW Games has got you covered with two new Batman experiences set in its Universal Game System. The titles are Shadow of the Bat and Arkham Asylum, and both games come with a variety of slick miniatures, gorgeous cards and components, and gameplay that will make you feel as if you're the world's greatest detective. The games are up on Kickstarter right now, and the good news is that the campaign has already surpassed its goal of $225,000, but there are plenty of stretch goals and cool extras to snag, so if you want to back the upcoming title you can check out the official page right here.

Shadow of the Bat is the core game and allows you to take control of heroes like Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon, though you'll also have help from Renee Montoya, Catwoman's cat Isis, Harvey Bullock, and more. The set will come with a slew of Batman's greatest villains too, including The Joker, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, The Penguin, and Man-Bat just to name a few, and you can even score an Alfred Pennyworth exclusive figure as part of the Kickstarter.

Like in IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, players can either play competitively or cooperatively, and either way, you'll be in for a fun time.

(Photo: IDW)

You can also grab the Arkham Asylum expansion, which gives you even more villains to throwdown against, including Poison Ivy, The Ventriloquist, Clock King, Maxie Zeus, and Clayface. You'll also get Bud and Lou (Harley's Hyenas) to boot.

You can also grab the Mask of the Phantasm story pack, the Mystery of the Batwoman story pack, and the Batman character pack with Nightwing and Firefly.

(Photo: IDW)

You can find the official description for Shadow of the Bat below.

"Batman: The Animated Series Adventures - Shadow of the Bat is the next core game entry in IDW Games' Adventures Universal Game System (AUGS). In Shadow of the Bat, 1 to 4 players will take on the roles of Gotham City's greatest heroes as they fight Batman's most infamous foes. Work together as a team to play the game in cooperative mode, where the enemies are controlled by a deck of cards and simple A.I. rules, or have a 5th player take control of the villain character in 4 vs. 1 competitive mode.

Offering 24 unique scenarios, based on fan-favorite episodes from the animated series, and the AUGS' flexible game engine, Shadow of the Bat has hours of pre-made content already included in the box, but nearly infinite replayability thanks to player re-mixed and generated content. Want to play Scarecrow as the villain character in your favorite Two-Face battle? You can! Want to create your own battles? No problem! The AUGS lets you play your way."

You can check out the Kickstarter for Shadow of the Bat right here, and for more tabletop hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!