Battleborn's Final Update Is Here With Borderlands Skins

(Photo: Gearbox)

The conclusion of Battleborn’s updates is nigh with the upcoming patch being the last one that it’ll receive, but it’s leaving players with some sweet Borderlands skins as a parting gift.

As confirmed by Gearbox back in September, no more updates will ship for Battleborn following this Fall Update. The servers will be kept afloat, so if you’re still invested in the team-based game, you don’t have to pack up shop just yet.

Battleborn’s end comes just over a year after it was released in May 2016. The MOBA-styled hero shooter was actually received pretty well when it was released, but it simply released at the wrong time. Amid other similar games, most notably Overwatch, Battleborn found itself lost in the shuffle and has now run its course in a little over a year.

The good news here with the end of Battleborn support is that the team is moving on to something new, something big. That mysterious game is all but certain to be Borderlands 3, but Gearbox is staying tight-lipped for now with just a few hopeful signs here and there.

But for those who aren’t done with Battleborn just yet, here are the new skins and highlights from the latest update:


Borderlands Skins:

  • Alani
    • Maya - Impending Storm
  • Caldarius
    • Maliwan - J-HTX-M1 "Katagawa"
  • El Dragón
    • Psycho Bandit - Bicicleta de Carne
  • ISIC
    • CL4P-TRP - I'm Actually Quite Depressed! \o/
  • Orendi
    • Tiny Tina - PLAY WITH THE ASHES
  • Rath
    • Zer0 - Art of Deception

Color Skins:

  • Added two new sets of 30 colorization skins


  • Ambra - Eccentric Orbits
  • Attikus - Lights Out
  • Beatrix - Parts and Crafts
  • Galilea - Keep on Giving
  • Kelvin - Glacial Movement
  • Kid Ultra - * Actual Drop Rate May Vary
  • Oscar Mike - Psychological Warfare
  • Shayne & Aurox - Rock Opera
  • Thorn - Green Energy
  • Toby - Overload


  • Updated existing titles
    • Admiral - Play as a Peacekeeper Battleborn 250 times
    • Angel - Assist in killing 500 Battleborn
    • Angel of Death - Kill 10,000 Battleborn
    • Archon - Play as an Eldrid Battleborn 250 times
    • Battleborn - You are a true Battleborn
    • Deep Diver - Deeper into the depths you go!
    • Destroyer - Win 50 Versus Matches
    • Fours Sensitive - Get 25 Quad Kills in Versus
    • High Commander - Win as a Peacekeeper Battleborn 100 times
    • I Believe... - The legend of Deep Dive lives on!
    • Legend - Win as a Rogue Battleborn 100 times
    • Master of Minions - Kill 1,000 Blade Bots, Gun Bots, or Boom Bots
    • Nut Buster - Kill 5,000 Minion Robotics enemies
    • Obliterator - Win 250 Versus matches
    • Observer - Win as an Eldrid Battleborn 100 times
    • Old Man Cranky - Win a Capture match by 1,000 points
    • Pentastrike - Get a Pentakill in Versus
    • Sustained - Win as a Jennerit Battleborn 100 times
    • Technocrat - Play as an LLC Battleborn 250 times
    • Three Sum - Get 25 Triple Kills in Versus
    • Tradelord - Win as an LLC Battleborn 100 times
    • Valkyrie - Play as a Rogue Battleborn 250 times
    • Worthy of Song - In a single match, kill 25 Battleborn
  • Updated colors of the Lost Hero title


  • Added four new Finishers
    • Sugar Rush Finisher
      • Show your sweeter side by raining candy on KO'd enemy players!
    • Garbage Dump Finisher
      • Take out the trash and drop garbage on KO'd enemy players!
    • Gray Skies Finisher
      • Ruin the day with a cloud of sadness when you KO enemy players!
    • Darkening Finisher
      • Turn out the lights with a Varelsi portal when you KO enemy players!


  • Updated Skill Damage growth formulas to be percentage based.

Outcast Thrall

  • Outcast Thrall in Incursion have a new, updated look
  • Outcast Thrall Brutes
    • General
      • Gun damage increased by 50%
      • Increased experience granted to the team for killing Middle Thrall from 52 to 98
      • Middle Thralls now take 150% damage when critically hit rather than 300%
      • Made targeting priority adjustments
    • Grenade
      • Grenade now deals 150-200 damage to players
      • Increased grenade damage radius by 50%
      • Increased grenade projectile speed
      • Outcast Thrall Brutes are less effective against Sentries.

The remainder of the patch notes consists of bugfixes, those changes able to be seen via the official announcement.