Battlefield 3 Remaster Reportedly In Development

Earlier this month, Electronic Arts released the final update for Battlefield V. A follow-up to [...]

Earlier this month, Electronic Arts released the final update for Battlefield V. A follow-up to the game is in the works for 2021, but a new rumor suggests that a remastered version of Battlefield 3 is also planned to release at the same time. The apparent leak has been reported by a handful of sources, including YouTuber Daqarie, and @Okami13_ on Twitter. While that does not guarantee legitimacy, it shows that the rumor has been making the rounds, so it could be a reliable leak. If it does prove to be true, it should be exciting news for Battlefield fans looking for something to play in the future.

According to both sources, the Battlefield 3 remaster will apparently release alongside the next game in the series, in a manner similar to the way Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's remastered release came alongside Infinite Warfare. Both leakers have proven accurate in the past, with Daqarie in particular posting leaks for the Battlefield franchise that later proved accurate. The remaster will apparently see release on next-gen consoles. Whether or not a remastered version would also see release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, however, remains to be seen. Given the history of the series, a PC release would also seem likely.

Battlefield 3 originally released in 2011 on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The game received strong reviews for its multiplayer component, though most outlets seemed less enthused with the game's single-player campaign. While Battlefield V has a setting based on World War II, Battlefield 3 took place in the modern era. Since the next iteration in the series is rumored to also take place in the present, it would give the simultaneous releases some connective tissue.

At this time, it's impossible to say when new information might come regarding the Battlefield franchise. EA's Play Live digital presentation is set to kick-off on June 18th. It's entirely possible that more information could be given during the show. Given the fact that the most recent Battlefield V update just recently released, however, it might be too soon for new information on the next games in the series.

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