EA Comments on Latest Battlefield 6 and Battlefield 3 Remaster Rumor

Electronic Arts and DICE have confirmed that it did not create a mysterious new Twitter account dubbed "TEEET" to tease Battlefield 6, Battlefield 3 Remastered, or anything related to the franchise. Rather, this Twitter account was made by a fan, and misreported as an official tease from DICE and EA. The confirmation comes way of DICE developer, Niklas Astrand, a senior designer on the franchise. Meanwhile, the "TEEET" Twitter account has also confirmed that they weren't teasing anything in its own statement.

"This is the climax point. No further tweets were planned or intended. Yes, this account and its only tweet are fan-made. A lot of you will hate me for doing that, and this is something that I will deeply understand. Many of you spent time trying to analyze things, even made videos about it, which all was expected but this was not the end, but the mean. A way to send a message. The video is 12 seconds or so, a very simple video that brought a huge, great and loyal community together once again, a community whose Battlefield is a franchise that will always love and enjoy and be constantly excited for what comes next."

The statement continues:

"The last two years were rough for Battlefield, both developers and fans know this for a fact, but let’s not dive into details for that is a page of the past now. But my message that I always wanted to share, which I am sure many agree with it as well, is that this community will have faith in DICE, and the latter should note the excitement we went through during the last three days, the questions you asked and the speculations you came with ignited a glimpse of hope. DICE, or portion of it, maybe noticed that. I hope. As this community is still excited, be excited for it. Have faith in your community and deliver what they deserve, and of that I am sure you will."


All of that said, if you're caught up on all the latest Battlefield news, you'll know this doesn't dispel all of the apparent teases that a Battlefield announcement is imminent, but this one in particular -- which hinted at a remaster of Battlefield 3 -- is not a tease. As for the other possible teases, neither EA nor DICE have commented.