Battlefield V Key Art Leaks Ahead of Reveal

We're one day away from the full reveal of what the next Battlefield in the franchise will have to [...]

We're one day away from the full reveal of what the next Battlefield in the franchise will have to offer FPS fans. Though not much is known at this time for Battlefield V, we did get a pretty sweet teaser trailer earlier this week that hinted at a WWII timeline. Now the key art has been leaked early on PlayStation 4 which only strengths the excitement for the historical time period.

Courtesy of Reddit:

(Photo: Reddit)

At the time this article was written, the key art has since been removed. But - the internet is forever and thankfully we've got a new image to explore. Thanks to one Reddit user, we've got some pretty hefty details for this simple leak. He took to the thread to explain, "He's a wearing a M1943 paratrooper uniform. You can make out the baggy pockets on his leg with the straps around them which was commonly done by the 101st. I'm sure there better reference pics out here but you can see it here. As for the for the full stock instead of the wire stock it's probably due to the art department not being to get a hold of one for the actor to hold and made due with what they had"

With Call of Duty most recent title having seen a ton of success with its own World War II entry, it's safe to say that players are in-tune with this time period for their gameplay experience. It also keeps the game away from the "futuristic crap" that many have complained about over the years. No wall jumping here, just good organic M1 Carbines and badassery.

A previous leak also touched very briefly on the story:

"In Battlefield 1, you played one mission as a British tank driver in France, another as an American pilot fighting off a German raid while traveling to London, and a third as a Bedouin rebel working with Lawrence of Arabia. Expect Battlefield V to use this structure to take players to various theaters throughout the second World War."

We'll be getting more info on Wednesday so stay tuned with us here for all of the details the moment they go live!