Battlefield 5 Is Adding a Highly-Requested Customization Feature

Battlefield V players are getting a feature in one of the game’s upcoming updates that’s been [...]

Battlefield V players are getting a feature in one of the game's upcoming updates that's been requested by players for a long time. Tank customization will be added to EA DICE game starting with the 6.2 update that'll release after the start of Chapter 6, the next big set of content for Battlefield V. EA DICE teased the release of the customization feature this week along with a preview of what it'll look like whenever it's available.

The big "Into the Jungle" update will kick off Chapter 6 in exactly one week, but we'll have to wait a bit longer to see the tank customization in action after that. A brief video shared this week gave a glimpse of what's to come by decking out a tank with different components.

That video can be seen below courtesy of Battlefield V community manager Adam Freeman. Freeman said that more details about the feature will be shared the closer we get to its release, though that'll be a few patches from now given that it's planned for a 6.2 Update release.

The video is also a work in progress preview of the feature, so it'll likely be changed before it's released. The updates shared as the release date approaches should provide more insights into what kinds of customization options players will have and how they'll be able to acquire cosmetics for their tanks.

Battlefield V's Into the Jungle content will be released on February 6th with the customization feature coming afterward. EA DICE previewed the upcoming Battlefield V update with the release of a trailer and a page on the game's site that offered more info.

"We've designed Solomon Islands for intimate jungle infantry combat combined with land and sea vehicle warfare," the site read. You'll notice how a mode like Breakthrough shines when played on this map. Defenders can stay hidden and use the terrain to hold the line, but attackers will have several options: flanking, sending in infantry, or utilizing landing boats for a frontal assault."

Look for more information about the Into the Jungle update and the eventual tank customization feature in the coming weeks.