Bethesda Announces E3 2019 Showcase

Bethesda has announced its intent to make an appearance this year at E3 2019 with a confirmation [...]

Bethesda has announced its intent to make an appearance this year at E3 2019 with a confirmation of the time and date that the company will hold its fifth showcase at the gaming convention. The creators of series like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls didn't offer too many details on what would happen during the event, but it did tease that DOOM Eternal will make an appearance alongside more reveals.

Team Bethesda will return to E3 on June 9th at 5:30 p.m. PT, according to the announcement released by the company on Monday. Bethesda hyped the event by saying "it's going to be a hell of a night" and teased an "in-depth look at DOOM Eternal plus much, much more." The announcement also encouraged people to start speculating about what'll be revealed and to "refresh Walmart Canada," a riff on the incident from 2018 involving the retailer that led to Rage 2 and many other games being outed ahead of scheduled. Bethesda took the leak in stride though with its own teasers that led up to an actual reveal of the game.

"We want to 'Be Together' with all of you this year and with that in mind we are planning to invite more of you, our biggest fans, to join us on our biggest night of the year," Bethesda's announcement said. "Official invitations – with additional event details, including how to register for a chance to attend this year's showcase – are coming soon."

Aside from DOOM Eternal, Bethesda didn't share any more information on what it has planned for the event. Looking back at E3 2018 gives some indication of what might be seen though with Bethesda lightly previewing some of its upcoming projects at that event. The Elder Scrolls VI made the briefest of appearances to confirm to fans that it is indeed in the works, though neither a name or a comprehensive look at the game was revealed. Starfield also marks the start of a new IP that takes Bethesda's RPG expertise into space, though like The Elder Scrolls VI or whatever the full name of that game might be, details are extremely limited. Seeing totally new projects is also a possibility, though that remains to be seen until Bethesda reveals more details E3 2019 comes around.