Blizzard Has More Games in Development Than Ever Before

(Photo: Blizzard)

Not only does Blizzard have multiple games in development, it has more games in the pipeline than ever before. Speaking to Forbes, Blizzard president J. Allen Brack revealed that Blizzard has been very busy lately, which suggests the company is looking beyond its stalwarts -- World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, Hearthstone, etc. -- and hopefully will produce some new IP in the near future. However, according to Brack, new IP isn't the focus; simply making great games is.

“We can’t wait to share everything we’re working on. We have more games in development right now than we’ve ever had in Blizzard’s history,” said Brack. “That includes core game genres on core platforms like PC and console, in addition to mobile initiatives. And the reason we’re further expanding our focus on our development priorities is because we understand that it’s not enough to just make more—that’s pointless if we’re not holding ourselves to our standards with everything we release.”

The Blizzard boss continued:

“It’s always exciting to have a new IP, and there are a lot of reasons to work toward it,” said Brack. “As developers we get excited working on new things for many of the same reasons that players want to play something new. In the end, the most important thing to us is to create something that’s great. A great game experience can happen within a new IP, and it can happen within a longtime favorite. That’s going to continue to be our goal, more than creating a new IP just for its own sake.”

That sounds a lot like there isn't any new IP cooking up at Blizzard, which wouldn't be very surprising. Why take risks when you have popular, established IP that can be explored more? Maybe it does have new IP in the works though. That statement just doesn't make it sound like it does. Brack did confirm though that Blizzard isn't currently working on any VR games.


“We’re not the first company that’s going to make an awesome VR game,” said Brack “We’re going to learn the lessons from other VR titles, and one day VR is going to become a thing, I believe, and then we’ll decide, hey, this is the right game for that platform, for that experience, that we want to give people.”

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