Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Event Details Revealed

Borderlands 3 is getting its first event soon when the Bloody Harvest kicks off in October. The [...]

Borderlands 3 is getting its first event soon when the Bloody Harvest kicks off in October. The Halloween-themed event will introduce a bunch of spooky enemies to the game like the Rakk-O-Lanaterns and a boss fight against a new variant of a boss you will have already encountered once you get a decent ways into the game. A bunch of new cosmetics will be added as well for each of the Vault Hunters and for your weapon skin collections along with new Legendary items.

Gearbox and 2K announced the plans for the Bloody Harvest event in a post on the game's site where you'll find the video above. In the first episode of "The Borderlands Show," creative director Paul Sage and Kinda Funny's Greg Miller and Fran Mirabella go over the details of the event while showing off some of what you'll find in October.

To see everything the Bloody Harvest event offers, you'll have to have at least left Pandora. It doesn't take long to do so, so everyone for the most part will be able to partake in the festivities next month. You'll find "Haunted" variants of enemies that'll afflict players with the "Terror" debuff which partially covers your screen and makes it harder to handle your weapons well. You'll also be able to add a new friend to your Sanctuary crew once you find something called Hecktoplasm and turn it into a creature named "Maurice."

Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest
(Photo: 2K)

If you've fought against Captain Traunt already, the juggernaut who sprays fire and ice and taunts in every direction, you'll be able to fight a new version of him during this event. He's making a return as Captain Haunt and has been turned into a spooky skeleton housed in an orange suit that emanates a green mist.

For the people who just want loot, you'll find plenty of that during the Bloody Harvest.

"All told, you can add an ECHO Device Skin, a Weapon Trinket, a skin for each of the four Vault Hunters (which also apply to Moze's mech Iron Bear and Fl4K's pets), and ultimately a Global Weapon Skin to your collection if you dedicate yourself to destroying the undead," the post said. "There's also new Legendary loot to farm, including two guns and a shield that play into the new Terror mechanic, as well as a grenade mod."

During the show in the video at the top, Gearbox also gave away a new Shift Code. To make it easier to redeem, that code is: CHKB3-FJT9J-SK3K5-T33JJ-95J56.

Borderlands 3 is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can check out our full review for the game here.