Report: 'Borderlands 3' Releasing in 2019

(Photo: Gearbox)

According to a new report, Gearbox Software will release Borderlands 3 sometime during 2019.

The report comes way of YouTube Channel, The Triple S League, who cites two independent sources. According to the channel, these two, unspecified, sources both relayed the same information despite not knowing each other at all.

Again, according to The Triples S League, localization for the project has already begun, and as the channel notes, localization normally comes near the end of development, suggesting that the game is much closer to release than we may have thought.

It's worth noting that all reports, rumors, etc., should be taken with a grain of salt, especially when there is no track record to provide any additional merit to said claims. Further, from the sounds of it, the channel is inferring that the game will release next year due to the fact that localization work is underway (and apparently has been for a few months). But even if this is the case, it can't be said for certain that means a 2019 release is in the pipeline.

As you may know, earlier this year during an earnings call, publisher 2K teased that a "highly-anticipated" title -- thought to be Borderlands 3 -- would release during the fiscal year of 2020, which is to say, sometime between April 2019 and March 2020. This is to say, the idea that Borderlands 3 will release in 2019 isn't very far fetched at all, in fact, it's probably pretty likely.

That said, Gearbox has interestingly not revealed or officially confirmed the game, though its development is no secret.

What's also interesting and worth pointing out is that if you look at the time of reveal of the first Borderlands until its release, two years passed. For Borderlands 2, a year passed between reveal and release. And so unless Gearbox and 2K have changed up the formula, Borderlands 3 releasing next year seems to go against previous marketing and reveal strategies, unless of course they reveal the game very soon. The Game Awards 2018, maybe?


Whatever the case, it seems Borderlands 3 is not only coming, but is coming pretty soon. If the latter is the case, expect a reveal sometime in the not-so-distant future.