There's A Game That Lets You Date Your Weapons - Boyfriend Dungeon Makin' Dreams Come True

It's the age of Dream Daddy and other insanely popular dating simulators that seem to all be [...]


It's the age of Dream Daddy and other insanely popular dating simulators that seem to all be competing for who can outweird each other the most. From cat dating RPGs, to being the daddiest daddy you can be - there's an oddball little niche for every gamer. So for those that have ever wanted to date their weapons, good news - now you can with Boyfriend Dungeon.

According to the game's creator:

"Plunder the "dunj" and take your weapons on dates. Capture the hearts of cuties to level them up. Boyfriend Dungeon is the the playful shack-and-slash the world's been waiting for!

Kitfox Games is developing Boyfriend Dungeon in coordination with dating-dungeon fans to find the most appealing characters to date."

The adorable little dungeon crawler lets players take on the quest to fight monsters and romance weapons - but don't worry, the weapons are actually conveniently single hotties disguised as weapons, so no injuries occurred during said dates. We hope.

Each romance option unlocks a special weapon they can use to fight off monsters. Each with their own unique personality and charming looks, they also come equipped with their own stats for combat. Does high attack speed come before those beautiful baby blues? It's up to the player to decide. Not to be outdone however by the cat dating simulators at there - one of the available romance options is ... yup, a cat.

The game itself is slated to release sometime in 2019, though no concrete drop window has been set. For more information on how to romance those sexy weapons, you can check out Kitfox's official website here, as well as on Steam. Don't forget to also check out the debut trailer in the video below: