Bully 2 Leaker Provides New Update on Long-Awaited Sequel

According to a recent report, Bully 2 is real and could be revealed very soon. Since this report surfaced a few days ago, it's been contested by some as not being true while others have suggested Bully 2 isn't on the horizon, but a remaster of the first game. For now, it remains to be seen who is and isn't right, but as Bully fans painfully wait for official information, the source of the original report has provided an update. 

Taking to Twitter, this source, industry insider and leaker Tom Henderson, in the face of conflicting reports, noted that he's more confident now about the reporting than when he initially reported it, suggesting he's heard or seen more evidence of Bully 2. Unfortunately, Henderson doesn't go into detail as to why he's more confident than ever.

Interestingly, Henderson notes he hasn't seen definitive proof that the game in question is a sequel rather than a remaster, but did note that he feels like he "would have been told it's the Definitive Edition if that was the case." Rather, he was explicitly told by his source that it's Bully 2.

Like the original rumor, this update should be taken with a grain of salt. While Henderson is a reliable source, even he admits that "details are sketchy." As for Rockstar Games, it didn't comment on the initial report, so we don't expect it to comment on this update. However, if it does buck these expectations, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. 

As we've stated every time Bully 2 rumors surface, we know, through our own sources, that Bully 2 was in development at least twice, but both times it was cancelled. At the moment of publishing, we haven't heard anything about a sequel to Bully in development, however, we have heard that Take-Two Interactive -- the parent company of Rockstar Games -- has been pressuring Rockstar to release games more frequently than it has recently. So, it's quite possible this project is the direct result of this pressure.

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