'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Camos Are Coming to Blackout

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players will at some point be able to use camos in the Blackout game [...]

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players will at some point be able to use camos in the Blackout game mode, Treyarch confirmed.

Responding to a tweet from a Black Ops 4 player who requested that camos be added to the battle royale mode, Treyarch's studio design director David Vonderhaar said on Twitter that the game's team is actively working on the feature. He didn't give a timeframe for when camos would make an appearance in Blackout, but he said the developers are "working on it right now."

Call of Duty games have always had different types of camos for players to use on their many guns and other weapons like the Combat Knife, but Black Ops 4 was unique in the fact that it put guns in the hands of Blackout players in a way not seen before in other games in the series. Players just find guns laying around the Blackout map that would have to automatically equip the weapon skin for players once picked up, so there could've been some technical hurdles to overcome when it comes to picking up and dropping weapons while still making the correct camos appear.

On the subject of the Blackout map, Vonderhaar also said on Twitter that the battle royale mode's map will be undergoing some changes in the future. Treyarch said around the time the game launched that it indented to keep updating Blackout with events and other features, and according to Vonderhaar's response to another Twitter user, map changes are on the way. He's played on the map and experienced the changes, but he said he wasn't allowed to say what the changes are.

Until the camos are added, it's unclear how they'll work in Blackout as opposed to the multiplayer game mode. Most Black Ops 4 players who spend time in the Blackout and multiplayer modes have already unlocked weapon camos for guns by completing multiplayer challenges. Blackout could honor these unlocks and let players use the same camos in the battle royale mode, though there could also be separate challenges to obtain Blackout camos, but the former seems more likely.