Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Ambitious Goals for Being the Best CoD on PC

The second wave of beta testing is now available with the first having just been for PlayStation 4 [...]

The second wave of beta testing is now available with the first having just been for PlayStation 4 players. Now Xbox One and PC players can join in on the fun and explore a brand new mode added to the game, Heist. But with the early testing period now available on PC, the team over at Treyarch are hoping for a positive response.

Creative Director and Co-Studio Head Thomas Wilson recently sat down with our pals over at PC Gamer to talk about Black Ops 4 and its future on the PC platform and how it aims to be the "best PC version of Call of Duty ever."

"We have a long history of PC development," Wilson told the site. "In-house we have PC gamers, we even have retired pro-gamers who are really passionate about the PC version. Basically what we do is spend the amount of resources and time that PC version needs for the first time. We look at what the PC community would expect—and that comes down to flexibility, options, and it's making sure that we have a wide variety of features that are supported so that we address what players want."

It's a balancing act between what PC players want and what's feasible for the team. Technical support is key in making sure everything runs the way it is meant to, which ultimately means a smoother experience - especially so on day one.

"Keyboard and mouse controls must feel natural, too. There's a lot of options that players can tweak, such as FOV. One thing we tried to do also is to try to match the mouse sensitivity to games like Overwatch and Destiny 2, both other games. That way, there's a natural transition if you're used to playing on"

Wilson also added that feedback will be taken very seriously pending the beta results and everything single detail will go towards making the launch day a success. You can check out the full interview right here.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 12th.