Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Already Holds Impressive PS4 Record

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War now holds a record on the PlayStation 4 platform that puts it above every other Call of Duty game on the system in at least one metric. Activision and Treyarch Studios announced this week that the alpha test for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is not only the most downloaded Call of Duty alpha on the PlayStation 4 but was also downloaded more times than any past Call of Duty beta. With several beta tests planned for the future, we expect many more players to be active in Black Ops Cold War soon enough.

The record achieved by the soon-to-release Call of Duty game was touted on the official Call of Duty social media accounts with a brief “thank you” message from the game’s creators. It was confirmed there in the video showcasing different parts of the Black Ops Cold War experience that the game’s alpha had been downloaded more than any other Call of Duty alpha in the past. In the text attached to the message, it was clarified that this was both the most downloaded alpha and the most downloaded “beta” in Call of Duty history on the PlayStation 4.

Given the annual release schedule of Call of Duty games, there was no small number of competitors for Black Ops Cold War to beat to earn this record. It of course helps a lot that this alpha was totally free for all PlayStation 4 owners though. The first entry into the beta requires people to have pre-ordered the digital version of the game to get early access before more people are let in on the PlayStation 4 afterwards, but a record broken is still impressive regardless.

That open beta will start in just over a week when the early access period for those on the PlayStation 4 starts on October 8th. Two days later, it’ll be available for everyone on the platform. Those on the Xbox One and PC platforms will get early access for the beta a week later on October 15th with the open access to the beta available on October 17th. This will give players just a couple of days to test out the new game, so be sure to try it when you can until the betas go offline.

For those more interested in the Zombies part of Black Ops Cold War, you can look forward to that mode’s reveal later this month before the betas ever begin.