Watch a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Player Get Swarmed by a Pack of Riot Shield Users

Riot shields in Call of Duty games have always been one of the more interesting weapons since they completely put a stop to the normal flow of gameplay whether it's a peek-and-fire game or one with a run-and-gun style, and the same is true in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. There's also a high chance that situations will be more entertaining when riot shield users are around, and one Modern Warfare player's recent in-game encounter shows us that the joy of riot shields is multiplied by how many people are using them.

The Modern Warfare player who goes by the Reddit name Drop-a-Titan-on-it shared the video below within the game's subreddit to show what happens when you come across a pack of wild riot shield users. This player was trying out the new Crash map that's made a return in the slew of Season 1 content that's now live in the game when they came across a fellow riot shield user. The two reached an impasse in a stairwell that was barely big enough for one riot shield on its own and shared a brief moment with one another before nature ran its course.

Getting bullied by by a riot shield gang on crash from r/modernwarfare

It looked like the two had an understanding, but the player who initiated the encounter tried to toss a throwing knife at the other player's feet just as more riot shield users appeared at the top of the stairs. They backed up to avoid encroaching on the riot shield wielders' territory, but it was too late: The pack of riot shield users descended, and with a few final threatening squats, they attacked.

The player who posted the video took the counterattack in stride though. They posted a comment within the thread to provide some context on the altercation and said that they'd seen the nest of riot shield users high up in the building through a killcam. The player tried to pay them a visit, but the actual outcome was better than expected.

"Just to give a little bit of context: I was playing Crash 24/7 with a friend and I tried to get on the building," the player said. "I got killed and saw for or five people up there in the kill cam and tried to visit them with a riot shield throwing knife class. I failed miserably but this was so funny I'm not even mad."


This isn't even the only entertaining riot shield clip we've gotten within the past week, and hopefully it won't be the last. Another player shared a clip of them using a riot shield and a door to their advantage to prove that your chances of doing something funny are much higher so long as you've got one of these defensive tools in-hand.