Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 2 Zombies Roadmap Revealed

Call of Duty: Vanguard players received a flurry of information this week about content plans for Season Two and what to expect from that next season, and that includes those who prefer the game's Zombies mode. While Treyarch's been dropping teasers and more in-depth explanations about Zombies plans for Season Two alongside the other developers working on Vanguard, Zombies players have even gotten their own roadmap for the next season to give a concise overview of what's coming.

That roadmap can be seen below, but if you've been keeping up with all of the Zombies information shared this week, you'll probably already be acquainted with some of the things seen there. Looming over everything is the new Terra Maledicta map that'll house other new features such as additional arenas, more Wonder Weapons, and other ways to move the Zombies stories forward.

Of the content on the left side of the roadmap, one of the more interesting things shown is the new Decimator Shield, a Wonder Weapon being added in Season Two. The other Wonder Weapon is the Ray Gun which Zombies players will already know all too well, but the Decimator Shield is totally new and has only been spoken about and shown briefly during this week's announcements.

"Explore 'Terra Maledicta' to discover the Decimator Shield, an all-new Wonder Weapon offering superior protection and the mighty Decimation Blast ability," Treyarch said about the new Wonder Weapon. "With a unique personality of its own, the Decimator is only too happy to help Krafft's freedom fighters take down Von List's undead army."

In addition to that Wonder Weapon, more normal weapons are also being added. The game will welcome the Whitley and KG M40 weapons as well as some additional Pack-A-Punch camos. For those who want more to do than just blasting zombies during their rounds, you'll have additional intel to uncover and challenges to complete, too.

Call of Duty: Vanguard Season Two drops on February 14th, so look for all this new Zombies content to arrive then. Other modes like the Multiplayer environment will also be getting plenty of content as well as Call of Duty: Warzone itself whenever the new season drops.