Call of Duty: Warzone Players Break Record With Insane Number of Kills

A group of Call of Duty: Warzone players just broke the world record for the most kills amassed during a Quads match in the battle royale game with a staggering 121 kills accumulated by the four players. The group consisted of streamers TylerTeeP, HusKerrs, DougisRaw, and Symfuhny, and the new record breaks a previous one which was just set not long ago. Their kill record was acknowledged by the official Call of Duty Twitter account shortly afterward, and even though the records get broken frequently enough, it looks like it might take a while to beat a record such as this one.

Call of Duty tweeted about the victory soon afterwards to show off the players’ feat. The scoreboard shown at the end shows how many kills each player got as well as their other stats from the match.

From the names that composed the squad, many of them probably look familiar as some of the Call of Duty streamers you’ve been watching since the release of Modern Warfare and Warzone. HusKerrs, for example, is no stranger to setting records since the streamer broke the record for kills in a Solos game not long ago. The record he set previously was 37 kills.

Getting kill records like this one and others is possible in Warzone because of things like the Gulag system and the fact that teammates can respawn their fallen partners. There's a bug occurring within the Gulag right now, but it apparently didn't have much of an effect on this game considering how many players were killed.

Call of Duty: Warzone players are continually breaking records in the battle royale game, so expect to see contenders coming for this Quads record soon. It didn't take too long for the last record to be broken, so even though this looks like an untouchable one, it'll probably get broken eventually.

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