Call Of Duty: WWII Cleaning Up In First Weekend Of Sales


Yesterday, we reported on how Activision's decision to take Call of Duty back to World War II was a very good one on the financial front, as the game had no problem outselling last year's release of Infinite Warfare. Today, though, the publisher made it clear just how popular Call of Duty: WWII has become since its release.

The company sent out a press release today, announcing that WWII has surpassed more than $500 million in sell-through for its game across the globe in its first three days of release. It noted that the game has generated more revenue than popular theatrical box-office openings Thor: Ragnarok and Wonder Woman combined (though, to be honest, they're two completely different markets – but that's still a lot of money).

The PlayStation 4 version alone did big bucks, as WWII managed to set a record as the best-selling digital full game by units on its first day of availability. Meanwhile, overall unit sales managed to double year-over-year globally, with the team pointing out once again how well this release did over Infinite Warfare.

The overall sales figures include both retail and digital copies of the game, with data compiled by the company. While an exact figure wasn't given in terms of how many units were sold, Activision is definitely pleased with the results.

"We challenged our players to get their squads back together and they answered the call, with the highest number of players we've ever seen on current gen consoles and PC," said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision. "Call of Duty: WWII returns the franchise to its roots and the results are incredible, selling twice as many units in its opening weekend as last year, and setting the day one record for full-game downloads on PlayStation 4. Our $500 million opening weekend was not only bigger than Thor: Ragnarok's, it was bigger than the opening weekends of both Thor and Wonder Woman combined. And we're committed to supporting the community with continuous improvements and new content."


There's no question that WWII will continue to be a huge seller through the holidays.

Call of Duty: WWII is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Don't forget to check out our review!