Capcom Open To Bringing Back Dino Crisis, If Fans Ask

(Photo: Capcom)

If there's anything Capcom has become pretty famous for, it's bringing back some of their best titles for huge fan bases. In light of recent news surrounding the next installment of the Mega Man series, one curious fan decided to ask about their particular old favorite, Dino Crisis, and its potential to come back as a re-master or reboot. Twitter user Jawmucher posted the exchange to ResetEra earlier today, which shows the tiniest inkling of hope for fans of the Dino Crisis franchise.

While this doesn't exactly signal any production or action around the game, it does show that the developers at least listen to and engage with their audience. The answer doesn't open any doors, but it doesn't close them either, which is great for Capcom fans, who are (unfortunately) used to campaigning for beloved titles by now. The studio is only so large, of course, and an answer in another thread on the same post from the Japanese Capcom account indicates that the studio can only take on so many projects at once. That's something of a no-brainer, but a good explainer for people who don't know too much about the behind-the-scenes of game dev just yet.


The original Dino Crisis released in 1999, and the last installment of the game, Dino Crisis 3, hit consoles back in 2003. Since then, the franchise has branched out to comic titles, telling its dinosaur-involved survival horror story in several incarnations since. It was a gory, interesting game for its time, so it would be cool to see it make a come back -- maybe as a VR title instead. Given that the game came from the same minds behind the Resident Evil franchise, it could definitely make a mark on the modern industry where VR and horror games are beginning to go hand in hand.