Soccer Comes to CATAN

The settlers of CATAN will soon be playing soccer while avoiding bandits and trying to build the longest road. Asmodee has announced two new CATAN Scanerios – Soccer Fever and Hawai'i. The former adds a soccer component to the base game of CATAN. Whenever players build a settlement or a city in the game, they have a soccer match using a small soccer ball and a foldout pitch. Winning matches earns you benefits within the game and actually winning the league earns players Victory Points. Meanwhile, the Hawai'i scenario is for CATAN: Seafarers and adds additional fishing grounds to the game along with a board based on the island archipelago of Hawaii. 

CATAN (formerly known as Settlers of Catan) is a classic board game in which players compete for resources to build the best colony on an uninhabited island. Players earn victory points for each town and city they get on the board, along with having the longest road or by having the largest army (which they score by playing the most knight cards.) Players can also choose to make trades for resources, which has led to the saying "Give me wood for your sheep" becoming synonymous with the game. CATAN was one of the first Euro-style games to reach worldwide popularity and has spawned numerous spinoffs and expansions. 

CATAN Scenarios are mini-expansions to various versions of CATAN that add optional rules to the game, either by adding new sub-systems or change major rules to the game. They typically re-frame a standard game of CATAN either geographically or around specific victory scenarios (such as by winning a soccer league.) 

Both new CATAN Scenarios will be released in June.