CATAN Novel Trilogy Coming Soon

Soon, the epic tale about how sheep became a tradable asset for wood will finally be told. Klaus Teuber is writing a trilogy of novels set on CATAN, the setting of the board game of the same name. The trilogy will explain the backstory for CATAN, the board game in which players try to build roads and villages while gathering resources determined by the role of the dice. The first novel is set to be published in January 2023 in German, with no English release date announced so far. 

Per a translated synopsis posted on Dicebreaker, the novel will follow a group of Norwegian Vikings who travel to Catan to escape from the prince Halldor. Notably, this isn't the first time that a novel has tried to tell the tale of CATAN – Teuber previously collaborated on a standalone book that also focused on viking settlements with Rebecca Gable, which was published in English in 2011. 

CATAN is one of the most popular board games in the world, with numerous spin-offs and expansions. Originally titled Settlers of Catan, the game was rebranded presumably to draw less focus on the colonization aspect of the game. Perhaps future books will explain why a peaceful island needs multiple armies and places value in the longest road. 

The full synopsis can be found below: 

"Norway in the year 860. The half-brothers Thorolf, Yngvi and Digur help the daughters of the Viking prince Halldor to escape. Halldor's revenge is not long in coming. He roams through the territory of the liberators pillaging and banishing them. The brothers have no choice: with settlers who are willing to emigrate, they set out for new shores and, after an adventurous sea voyage, reach Catan – the land of the sun. But the island presents the brothers with enormous challenges. Will they stand together to offer the settlers a brighter future, or will this task divide them?" 

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