Robert Kirkman Addresses The Walking Dead’s Clementine Possibly Coming To The TV Series

Excitement is at a fever pitch for the eighth season of The Walking Dead, AMC’s hit series, [...]

Excitement is at a fever pitch for the eighth season of The Walking Dead, AMC's hit series, which returns for another go-around on October 22nd, as Rick and company go head-to-head against Negan and his crew in an all-out war.

AMC hosted a star-studded panel this weekend at New York Comic-Con, which you can see above. A number of great questions were asked by the crowd over the course of the 50 minute panel, but one fan in particular named Jessica asked a peculiar one pertaining to Telltale Games' The Walking Dead series, which goes off its different path and doesn't necessarily follow the AMC plotline. (Though there is The Walking Dead: Michonne to consider…)

In the video clip, which starts at around the 39:30 minute mark, Jessica asks, "Are you guys gonna bring Clementine or anybody into the show?"

After taking a second to see who would address the question, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman answered with a quick one-word reply. "Nope!"

But then he added, "I mean, honestly, like, we love Clementine and those games are fantastic, but I like that there are different elements to each iteration of The Walking Dead that you can only get in those iterations. Things like Daryl not being available in the comic, Clementine only being available in the games, and I think if we cross-pollenate too much, it takes away from what makes Walking Dead special in all the different genres."

And he has a point. As we mentioned above, The Walking Dead video games work in their own right, separate from the TV show, and Overkill's Walking Dead game looks to be taking its own path as well, so it all ties together into a central product, even if characters don't interact with one another.

Would it be great to see her? Sure. But it's not a necessary cameo sort of thing, and the story seems to be moving along just fine without her. You can certainly vote if you think Clementine should cross over below, just in case you're curious.

The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres on October 22nd on AMC. You can check out Telltale's The Walking Dead games on various consoles, PC and mobile now as well.