Costume Quest Announces Official Return Date and New Holiday Special

When Costume Quest debuted on Amazon Prime Video earlier this year, it was always billed as the [...]

When Costume Quest debuted on Amazon Prime Video earlier this year, it was always billed as the first part of a two-part Season One. And now, at long last, the second part of the show's first season has announced a release date as well as an extra bit of fun in the form of a holiday special.

The show, which is based on the 2010 video game of the same name from Double Fine, is set to premiere seven new episodes of the series on October 11th. Additionally, the 35-minute holiday special, Heroes on Holiday, will follow Wren, Reynold, Everett, and Lucy as they nearly wreck Christmas when it premieres on November 22nd.

You can check out a new image from the holiday special below:

costume quest cropped hed
(Photo: Frederator Studios)

"The debut of Costume Quest earlier this year thrilled fans of the cult hit video game as well as younger viewers just discovering the characters and story, and we are looking forward to continuing the adventure with these additional episodes, just in time for Halloween, followed by our festive holiday special," Frederator Studios CEO Fred Seibert in a press release announcing the release date and holiday special. "Our talented team has done a great job of bringing the charm of the beloved video game to life through the series and we are sure fans will be excited to see what comes next."

Here's how the official trailer for the show describes Costume Quest in its description:

"Wren, Reynold, Everett and Lucy face off against ferocious, nougat-munching monsters that lurk in the shadows of the sleepy town of Auburn Hollow. They must learn to use their imaginations to unlock the magical powers of their homemade costumes and save the universe on a night where monsters reign...Halloween!"

The second part of Costume Quest's Season One is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on October 11th. The holiday special will release on the same platform on November 22nd. The first part of Season One is available to stream now.