New Crash Bandicoot Game First Details Reportedly Revealed

Last night, word of a brand new Crash Bandicoot game from a reliable industry insider surfaced, claiming Activision has finally greenlit a new entry in the iconic series, with developer Vicarious Visions at the wheel. Fast-forward a bit, and now another report about the game has surfaced, and this time there's some details on the game itself. Coming way of leaker ViewerAnon, the scoop makes the claim that the game revolves around different masks Crash can wear that grant him different special abilities. Further, there will be levels where you play as Cortex, one of the villains of the series.

Interestingly, in addition to playing as Crash, you will reportedly be able to play as Coco. It's unclear if this is a one or the other type of choice or if it's more of a two-character protagonist set up, but presumably it's the latter. After all, making a Crash Bandicoot game where you can skip out on playing as Crash doesn't sound right.

As for the gameplay, it's described as being similar to the Naughty Dog installments from yesteryear, and won't be open-world, which some previous rumors have suggested. Meanwhile, supporting this gameplay will apparently be a progression system pitched as something out of Super Mario Bros. 3/World.

"Scooping a different industry: not only is a new Crash Bandicoot game coming, I’ve heard from someone I trust the whole thing revolves around masks with special abilities and that there will be levels where you play as Cortex," writes ViewerAnon on Twitter.


Of course, all of this should be taken with a major grain of salt, like any unofficial information. In fact, even if everything here is accurate, it's also subject to change. In other words, please don't take any of this to the bookies.

At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of an announcement date, however, some suspect it could be revealed at The Game Awards 2019 on December 12.

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