Critical Role Provides Update on Campaign 3

Critical Role has provided fans with a small update on their next full-length campaign. Critical [...]

Critical Role has provided fans with a small update on their next full-length campaign. Critical Role just posted an update about its upcoming programming slate, which includes some new information about "Campaign 3," the full-length follow-up to the show's first two Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. "We are in the depths of building a brand new wonderful set (on an additional full soundstage at our studio!) and it's not ready for prime time yet," Critical Role's blogpost states. "While our C3 set is still under construction, we're also taking ample time to plan creatively before we embark on a brand new adventure. We expect that we'll have more to share about our Campaign 3 launch date sometime in early October."

Critical Role took a similarly extended break between its first and second campaign, so fans shouldn't see the extended hiatus as a sign of anything unusual. The blogpost also notes that fans can find further details about Campaign 3 and beyond on weekly programming updates that will be shared on their site every Monday at 10 AM PT. The studio just wrapped the first season of its latest show, Exandria Unlimited, last night after a successful 8-episode run.

While waiting for the launch of Critical Role's next campaign, the studio will still be pumping out new content in September, including a one-shot run by Ashley Johnson, more episodes of Narrative Telephone and Mighty Vibes, and "another colossal announcement" that the team is excited for. Since it seems that Critical Role has more soundstages to work off of, we could see some more shows coming from the Critical Role studio soon.

Critical Role also has an upcoming animated series, The Legend of Vox Machina, which will be released "soon" on Amazon Prime. That series has already been renewed for a second season. Other major Critical Role announcements includes the upcoming release of a revised version of the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, as well as a new wave of Critical Role miniatures, one of which is of DM Matthew Mercer himself.

You can read Critical Role's full programming update at their website.