Critical Role Pulls Off Its Most Stunning Twist Yet

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(Photo: Critical Role)

Critical Role fans were last stunned by the closing moments of last night's episode, as DM Matt Mercer revealed a major twist that no one saw coming. [MAJOR SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 111 AND CAMPAIGN 2 FOLLOWS.] For several episodes, the Mighty Nein have been searching for clues about the Eyes of Nine, a sinister sentient city lurking on the Astral Plane. While much is not known about this new potential enemy, it does seem to have a connection to Mollymauk Tealeaf, a former member of the Mighty Nein (played by Taliesin Jaffe) who died during a rescue attempt gone terribly wrong. After several episodes of searching for answers, the party decided to use speak with dead to talk to Mollymauk's body to see what information they could learn. However, the party discovered that Molly's grave was empty, leading to Jester (played by Laura Bailey) to cast scry and seeing Mollymauk walking through the snow...seemingly alive.

While Mollymauk's body seems to be once again among the living, this doesn't mean that the character is truly back. Fans may remember that Mollymauk was once known as Lucien, the leader of a cult-like group of adventurers who died during a ritual to reach a strange city filled with power and magic. Lucien returned to life with no memories of his past life, and took to calling himself Mollymauk, adopting an entirely new persona and distancing himself from his past. Due to the nine eye-shaped tattoos on Molly's body, fans theorized that Lucien was attempting to project his soul into the Astral Plane where the Eyes of Nine is located and that his soul was somehow cut off from his body in the process. After Molly's death, it's certainly possible that Lucien found a way to return to his original body, or that Molly's body has a new occupant.

Molly's seeming resurrection is one of the biggest twists of the series and seems to be pushing the game towards even bigger threats and adventures. With the Eyes of Nine looming in the background, we could be heading towards another an epic storyline centered around the only Critical Role PC who died in the middle of a campaign and wasn't brought back to finish his story.

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