Critical Role Buys Midst Podcast

Critical Role has acquired Midst, a narrative podcast that will be re-released on various Critical Role channels. Today, Critical Role announced they had partnered with Midst, a science fiction/western podcast narrated by a trio of anonymous narrators (who are part of a production studio known collectively as Third Person.) Specifically, Midst was purchased by Critical Role's new production company Metapigeon and is the first new IP to be managed outside of the main Critical Role world of Exandria. As a part of the purchase, Critical Role will re-release the first two seasons with remastered audio and a new video format. A third season is also in the works. 

As part of the new podcast launch, Critical Role backers will have the chance to become a paid subscriber to Midst, which grants them early access to new episodes and bonus content. The podcast will launch on April 11th, with paid subscribers getting access to the first five episodes instantly. The first three episodes will be released on the week of April 11th to all subscribers with subsequent episodes coming weekly. 

The official description for Midst reads: "Told by three unreliable, playfully omniscient and fully anonymous narrators, the story takes place in the space-western town of Stationary Hill, on the islet of Midst, and follows three protagonists – a crotchety outlaw, a struggling cultist, and a diabolical bastard – as their paths intersect in unexpected ways. Presented as an ongoing fiction podcast series in a turbulent present-tense stream-of-consciousness style, Midst aims to fully engage the audiences' imaginations in an immersive and highly original setting using a unique storytelling style and distinctive audio. The narrators voice all the action, perform all the characters (sometimes interchangeably), and break the fourth wall with the listener to help contextualize or evoke the mood, scene, and setting."

This marks a major step for Critical Role, as it's the first time they've acquired an outside IP and added it to their umbrella. While Critical Role also produces content set in their own world of Exandria, the creation of Metapigeon earlier this year teased that they would start working on other projects not tied to the company's signature Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.