Stephen Colbert to Play Dungeons & Dragons With Critical Role for Charity

Stephen Colbert will return to Critical Role's gaming table to raise money for a good cause. Colbert and the popular web series are teaming up for a special tabletop roleplaying-based fundraising campaign that will air in April. The new adventure, titled Choose Stephen Colbert's Adventure… Again, will let fans donate money to influence certain aspects of the one-shot adventure that Colbert and several other Critical Role members will embark on. Donations will benefit Red Nose Day, an annual campaign that raises funds to ensure a healthy future for all children. The adventure will air on April 28th at 7 PM Pacific time, with Matthew Mercer DMing the adventure and several other cast members appearing as adventurers.

Colbert is a known fantasy enthusiast, with an encyclopedic knowledge of Tolkien and having appeared in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in a cameo appearance. He played Dungeons & Dragons as a child and returned to the gaming table in 2019 in a team-up adventure with Critical Role, which also benefited Red Nose Day. Critical Role is one of the biggest web series on the Internet and serves as a driving force behind Dungeons & Dragons' resurgence. The show recently teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to release a full-length D&D adventure, which came out earlier this month.

Players will have the option to choose four aspects of Colbert's adventure – a special item that he starts the adventure with, a lost item that he must retrieve, a special spell that Colbert can use once during the adventure, and his familiar who accompanies him with. The choices are mostly comedic in nature – currently, Colbert's magic item is slated to be a "living weapon that despises violence," while the thing that Colbert needs to retrieve is "his dignity." It also appears that Eric the Bee, Colbert's familiar from the first campaign, will be replaced by his son....who is also named Eric. 

You can donate to the campaign by visiting the official donation page. Donations are already open and will remain live until April 1st.