Cyberpunk 2077 Box Art, Physical Bonuses Appear to Have Leaked

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of many games that's already confirmed to be making an appearance at E3, and if a new image that's surfaced is to be believed, we may already know what part of CD Projekt Red's reveals will consist of. An image showing what appears to be the box art for the game as well as some collectible goods that come with whatever edition is depicted has appeared online, and it shows some artwork that lines up with advertisements seen at E3 already and could be hinting at a release date announcement during the expo.

The image in question which can be seen below has already made the rounds on sites like ResetEra and Reddit where people passed it around and debated on whether or not it might be real. It gives the box art a bold yellow color with a character from the cyberpunk game shown on the front. As for the collectibles, it comes with a map of the game's setting that's called Night City, postcards of the same, stickers, and game manual while the digital edition comes with separate bonuses, according to those who pieced things together and translated the image.

[Image] Cyberpunk 2077 Leaked Physical & Digital Goodies, Box Art from r/PS4

There's no telling if this is a real product image of a specific edition of Cyberpunk 2077 or not since CD Projekt Red hasn't revealed anything itself, but the artwork does match up with big banners that have been displayed on-site at E3 ahead of the game's appearance. If this is real, it could be one of several editions of the game, so it's unclear which one this particular product may be.

Those who are leaning towards this being legit pointed out that while others have said that the artwork feels a bit bland, the studio's The Witcher 3 featured a similarly simple box art with Geralt of Rivia standing imposingly in front of a white background.


Whether the artwork is real or not, we'll know soon when E3 is underway as CD Projekt Red makes an appearance to showcase the game. The studio has already referred to this year's E3 as the most important one yet for the company, and a panel within the E3 Coliseum schedule will have CD Projekt taking the stage to discuss the game and the future of the studio. Assuming all goes as people would hope, we may see that, a trailer, and perhaps even news of a release date.