Cyberpunk 2077: HUD Will Offer Customization Options

The world finally saw the gameplay demo that we've been raving about since June for CD Projekt [...]

The world finally saw the gameplay demo that we've been raving about since June for CD Projekt RED's Cyberpunk 2077, and honestly, we can't stop talking about it. With the in-depth review of how the game works, including that stunning character customization reveal, it's hard not to get amped about what's to come.

Interested fans got their first real look at the game's character creation system, the different perspectives that can go into dialogue options, and they also had their first taste of what the HUD system will look like the title. Any RPG fan can tell you that an obnoxious HUD interface can be killer for a player's ability to fully immerse themselves into the story, but luckily there will be customization options available when Cyberpunk 2077 drops.

One Twitter user asked, "As reported by many media outlets who saw the demo that there are damage numbers flying on the enemies heads when you hit them in Cyberpunk 2077 Will we get the option to turn off this feature in the game or not?" Community Lead Marcin Momot mentioned that they are working on a way for players to be able to "turn off/on a lot of the HUD elements," not just the floating damage counter.

We unfortunately still don't have a release date, but you can learn more about the game itself, as per the studio over at CD Projekt RED, below:

"The game follows the story of V — a hired gun on the rise in Night City, the most violent and dangerous metropolis of the corporate-ruled future. A robust character creator will allow players to choose V's gender, visual appearance, character class, as well as historical background — all of which may influence the shape of the game," the summary reads.

"With dozens of hours of main story arc quests, and many more of additional activities, there's always something to see and do in Night City. Players will experience all of it entirely through V's eyes, with an interactive dialogue system that gives them greater narrative agency."

Interested in hearing our own thoughts on the game from our own hands-on time? You can check out what I had to say about the anticipated RPG in a video below!