Cyberpunk 2077's Latest Update Seemingly Introduced a Wide Variety of New Bugs

CD Projekt Red released the massive Patch 1.2 for Cyberpunk 2077 earlier this week with the aim of making the open-world RPG that much more free of issues that have plagued the game since launch. And while the studio may have finally fixed a number of problems that have been present in Cyberpunk 2077 for quite some time, it looks like it may have introduced some new errors in the process.

Shared over on Reddit, a multitude of Cyberpunk 2077 players have been reporting new problems with the game since Update 1.2 was pushed out. The issues vary quite a bit from person to person but there have been some new bugs that are more common than others. One of the most prominent has apparently altered the weather patterns in the game and has led to the world of Night City being trapped in a permanent sandstorm.

1.2 messed up my entire save, and now the whole NC is in a sandstorm permanently. Honestly? I'm not even mad from r/cyberpunkgame

Other bugs have also appeared, namely in regard to vehicle and character animations. Some gameplay clips have been shared to the official Cyberpunk 2077 subreddit which shows cars driving out of control in the middle of the street. Others have shown NPCs that you can come across in the game doing everything from flashing brightly to having distorted features and animations.

Thanks CD Projekt for the amazing update... from r/cyberpunkgame

It's important to note that these bugs don't seem all that widespread at the moment, but it's still frustrating to see that the latest update for Cyberpunk 2077 introduced new problems all the same. That being said, the team at CD Projekt Red is surely becoming aware of these new bugs and will likely try to fix them as soon as possible. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a new hotfix of some sort releases across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC iterations of the game within the coming days or weeks. We'll keep you up to date on this if it is something that ends up transpiring.

Have you noticed any new problems with Cyberpunk 2077 since downloading Update 1.2? Let me know your own experience either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.