Darkest Dungeon Is Getting a Board Game

The smash hit Darkest Dungeon will be getting a board game adaptation by Mythic Games. Earlier this week, Mythic Games managing director Leo Vesperini announced during a Dice Tower video stream that the board game publisher's next project would be a licensed adaptation of Darkest Dungeon, with the Kickstarter launching sometime in Fall 2020. No other details were provided about the new game, but Mythic Games is best known for miniature-heavy games like Time of Legends: Joan of Arc and Mythic Battles: Pantheon. Its most recent game, HEL: The Last Saga, raised over $2.2 million on Kickstarter earlier this year.

Darkest Dungeon is a roguelike turn-based RPG game in which a single player controls a team of adventurers into one of several areas, trying to clear quests and build experience before entering a massive dungeon located underneath the player's ancestral mansion. In addition to fighting a mix of monsters, traps, and bandits, the player also had to account for their adventurers suffering from stress during their ventures, which often comes with harmful side-effects and semi-permanent conditions. Over time, the player can recruit more adventurers and upgrade buildings in the town serving as their base, but they also could permanently lose adventurers during tricky boss fights and by simple bad luck. The game was a huge financial success for developer Red Hook Studios, winning multiple awards and eventually coming to just about every major game console and platform. Additionally, Darkest Dungeon's uniquely dour narration has become somewhat of an Internet meme, with quotes often popping up unexpectedly on Twitter and in Reddit threads.

Red Hook Studios recently announced that a sequel to Darkest Dungeon will likely be released in late 2020, focusing on the impact that the events of the first game had on the rest of the world. Meanwhile, players can also enjoy multiple DLC addition for Darkest Dungeon, including the recently released "Butcher's Circus," which adds a PvP component to the game.

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