Dave Bautista Says It's His Destiny To Play Marcus Fenix In 'Gears Of War' Movie

No casting decisions have been made for Universal's Gears of War movie, but actor Dave Bautista is once again putting himself up for a role in the film while going as far as saying that it's his destiny to play Marcus Fenix.

The suggestion that the Guardians of the Galaxy actor and former professional wrestler should be in the Gears of War movie actually came from a commenter this time, but Bautista said that he's all for the idea. Responding to IGN comments from readers in IGN's new video above, the actor who played Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Avengers: Infinity War addressed a comment from someone who said "PUT THIS MAN IN GEARS OF WAR." He said that he loved the commenter for suggesting that and said the he's been begging for the role of Marcus Fenix, the protagonist from the core Gears of War games.

"Come on dude, let's do this," Bautista said when responding to the IGN reader's comment. "I've been begging for this part for years. This is my destiny to play Marcus Fenix."

This isn't the first time that Bautista has thrown his hat in the ring for the role of Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War movie either. In June, Bautista spoke to GameSpot and responded to another question from a fan who asked what his dream role would be. He shared similar comments to the ones heard in IGN's video when he said that he'd love to play Marcus Fenix and even said that he's been calling Universal to check in on the project.

"I've been pursuing Gears of War for years now," Bautista said when asked about the role. "I believe it's in the hands of Universal Studios. And I've been knocking on their door and badgering them and they are so sick of me, phoning in and asking them where they are with that project. But, yes, Marcus Fenix is absolutely a dream role for me. I want that role. So, if you can start a petition…"


As mentioned previously, no casting decisions have been made regarding Universal's Gears of War movie, but with all the support that Bautista has gotten in his quest to become Marcus Fenix, there are going to be more than a few disappointed people if he doesn't get that role. The world of Gears of War is full of different characters though, so there's still a chance he could be cast in the movie in some capacity if not as Marcus Fenix.