Days Gone Designer Thanks Fans for Playing the Game in Any Capacity

Earlier this week, John Garvin, the creative director and writer behind Days Gone, caught some [...]

Earlier this week, John Garvin, the creative director and writer behind Days Gone, caught some flak online after expressing that if fans truly loved a video game, they would purchase it at full price. Some took Garvin's words as a bit harsh and proceeded to criticize him for having any anger towards those that would wait to buy their games on sale or play them in another manner. In the wake of all of this, another prominent developer behind Days Gone released another message that expressed something quite different.

Taking to Twitter recently, Days Gone lead designer Eric Jensen expressed that he's appreciative of those who have played the game in any capacity whatsoever. "Whether you picked up Days Gone on day one, borrowed it from a friend, watched someone else play it, or tried it with PS Now or PS Plus, I appreciate you," Jensen said. "Thank you for playing our game. The outpouring of love and support for our game and our studio has been incredible."

Over the past few weeks, Days Gone has been available to download for free on either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 for PlayStation Plus members. As such, this seems to be what may have prompted the original statement from Garvin in the first place. While Garvin would have preferred that many spend full price on the game, especially those that want a sequel to Days Gone, Jensen seems to just be happy that many are still so receptive to the game.

In all likelihood, the number of existing Days Gone fans are sure to only grow within the coming month as well. PlayStation revealed just recently that the open-world title is set to arrive on PC next month on May 18th, which will bring it to a whole new audience for the first time. Whether or not the game receives a second life on PC that prompts PlayStation to greenlight a sequel, however, remains to be seen.

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