PlayStation Reveals New Days Gone PC Gameplay, Release Date

Days Gone is the latest PlayStation game bound for the PC platform, and this week, Sony showed off [...]

Days Gone is the latest PlayStation game bound for the PC platform, and this week, Sony showed off the first look at the PC version's gameplay as well as the next release date for the game. It'll be available on the PC platform on May 18th, and when it arrives there, it'll support a number of features one would expect it to after making the jump from consoles to PC.

You can catch the gameplay trailer for the PC version of Days Gone below to see what the game will look like running on that platform. The trailer's been captured on a PC at a 4K resolution and a framerate just barely below 60FPS, so it likely won't look too different from what you've already seen if you've played Days Gone, but players will have more control over those settings once they're playing it themselves on the PC.

Some of the features highlighted in the video will allow players to have that control. As expected, it'll feature expanded customization options for the display related to the graphics and the foliage among other areas. You'll also have the option to unlock the framerate to take the game as high as your setup can handle. Finally, there will be support for 21:9 ultra-wide displays if that's what you intend to play Days Gone on.

You'll also be able to play Days Gone with not only a mouse and keyboard but also most other third-party controllers you may have on hand. That means you can play the game again with a PlayStation controller or can even use an Xbox controller if that's what you prefer.

The move to PC is just the latest development Days Gone has gone through after its launch years ago. It got a PlayStation 5 update to take advantage of what the new console had to offer not long ago, and it's also part of the PlayStation Now subscription service for anyone who's subscribed to that but doesn't own the game itself.

As for the future of Days Gone and games that may follow it, it appears as though a sequel is not planned for the PlayStation 5 platform. That's according to recent reports about the matter, though Bend Studio can't confirm nor deny and of the discussions right now.