Days Gone 2 Petition Nears 70,000 Signatures

Fans continue to make their voices heard in a big way when it comes to their desire for Days Gone [...]

Fans continue to make their voices heard in a big way when it comes to their desire for Days Gone 2. Within the past few weeks, a new report emerged stating that Sony had opted to not greenlight a sequel pitch from developer Bend Studio back in 2019. In light of this news, many fans of the open-world title have since been assembling their voices under a single petition, which hasn't now received a staggering number of signatures.

As of this writing, the petition, which can be found on, has received nearly 70,000 signatures from those who are wanting to see Sony create Days Gone 2. The exact number of signatures currently sits at just shy of 69,000 in total and has steadily continued to grow in the time since the petition was first created. "They can't just pull the plug on such [an] amazing game that ended with a cliffhanger," says the description for why the petition was created in the first place.

Those that worked at Bend Studio have continued to voice their support for this movement over the past few days as well. Jeff Ross, who previously worked as a director on Days Gone and left Bend back in 2020, has been encouraging fans on social media to continue flocking to the petition to sign it for themselves. "No matter where this thing ends, I just want you all to know how much your love means to me and the members of the team," Ross expressed recently on Twitter. "Days Gone fans are the best fans!"

Whether or not those in power over at PlayStation will listen to these cries from fans remains to be seen in the future. Perhaps the litmus test for whether or not Sony will reconsider greenlighting a sequel to Days Gone will come about within the next month as the game is soon slated to arrive on PC. The port's exact release date will be that of May 18. To go along with this, Days Gone is also still a title available for free on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this month as a part of PlayStation Plus.

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