Days Gone Sequel Reportedly Isn't Happening for PS5

Days Gone isn't planned to get a sequel for PlayStation 5 from developer Sony Bend, according to a [...]

Days Gone isn't planned to get a sequel for PlayStation 5 from developer Sony Bend, according to a new report from Bloomberg that has emerged. The idea for a follow-up entry to the 2019 open-world was one that the studio had pitched to the powers that be over at PlayStation, but apparently, those in charge at the publisher didn't go for the idea.

Not much is known about what would have been in store for a potential Days Gone 2. Based on what the aforementioned report stated, the team at Sony Bend pitched its idea for the sequel the same year in which the original game released on PlayStation 4. The reason PlayStation seemed to decline the idea is due to the fact that Bend had taken quite a long time to release Days Gone and the final product was one that didn't score the highest marks from critics. The title was first unveiled back at E3 in 2016 and was at first planned to release in 2018. After a lengthy delay, it didn't release until the spring of 2019.

As for what Sony Bend did in the wake of not getting the greenlight for Days Gone 2, the studio is said to have started assisting Naughty Dog with some of its own projects. One of these was said to be a multiplayer game, which Naughty Dog has been forthcoming about in the past. The other was a new installment in the Uncharted series. However, many at Sony Bend reportedly didn't like this and began leaving the company. Those that stayed then became worried that Bend itself would end up merging into Naughty Dog if this arrangement continued in perpetuity. At this point in time, Bend is now separated from working alongside Naughty Dog and is now said to be working on a new game entirely.

For now, it sounds like the prospects of Days Gone 2 ever coming about seem unlikely. Despite selling enough copies to be profitable, and also gathering a rather hardcore cult audience over the years, PlayStation just doesn't think a sequel would do well for the PlayStation 5. Whether those in charge at Sony will change their mind in the coming years remains to be seen, but for now, it sounds as though we should expect Bend's next project to be something new entirely.

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