Dbrand's Spider-Man PS5 Covers Take Shots at PlayStation for "Dropping the Ball"

Dbrand has new Spider-Man plates for the PS5 and some words for PlayStation.

PlayStation's most customized PlayStation 5 setup to date naturally was a tie-in for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 with the company selling console plates reminiscent of the game's Spider-Man logo with notes Venom's symbiote nature shown off on the designs, too, but those plates weren't nearly as obtainable as many would've hoped. They went on sale in July via the PlayStation Direct store where people would previously wait in line to buy PlayStation 5s, and naturally, the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 plates sold out within a matter of minutes. They've been restocked here and there over time through other retailers, but to capitalize on their rareness and to provide people another option, the third party company Dbrand has its own product called the "Arachnoplates" that doesn't make its intentions subtle.

Dbrand's option for customizing your PS5 console was shown off this week by the company with the new PS5 plates once again featuring the reds and blacks that one might expect from a symbiote-laced Spider-Man game. There's obviously no Spider-Man logo to speak of on the plates, but the design itself is unmistakable.

Dbrand's Arachnoplates for the PS5

You can check out the design below, red and black webbing and symbiote goop and all. If you get the base versions without any extras for either the normal PS5 or the Digital Edition, they cost $64.98 which'll save you a whopping one penny compared to the real things from PlayStation.

The official PS5 plates from PlayStation have been restocked here and there through third-party retailers, but the PlayStation Direct store currently has them marked as "unavailable" with little success to be found there if you're trying to buy them that way. Dbrand did not mince words about the situation and took a shot at PlayStation and the scarcity of the plates.

"The [POPULAR VIDEO GAME CONSOLE] maker [MEGACORP] failed to produce enough stock of their [LICENSED VIDEO GAME] side panels," the page for the plates says. "Thanks for dropping the ball, you [SERIES OF EXPLETIVES]."

Which Spider-Man PS5 Plates Are Better?


Dbrand's option is currently more accessible than the official PS5 plates, and it'll probably remain that way unless a big restock happens, so with that said, which are better: the PS5 plates from PlayStation, or Dbrand's option?

PlayStation's plates are a bit more subtle and have the advantage of featuring the Spider-Man logo itself, but Dbrand's plates might be the flashy look that people are looking for when customizing their PS5 console. While it would mean you'd have to buy more to go with the setup, the official plates also have the advantage of matching the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 DualSense controller announced alongside the plates, though that, too, is currently out of stock via PlayStation Direct.

If naturally comes down to personal preference, but Dbrand has again not been shy about calling out those who've come out in defense of PlayStation.