Dead Island 2 Game Length Revealed

Developer Dambuster Studios has revealed how long it will take most players to see through Dead Island 2 before its arrival in the coming month. In recent years, open-world titles have started to become more expansive than ever before and are packing in dozens of hours of content for players to uncover. Whether it be games like Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Elden Ring, or Red Dead Redemption 2, the open-world genre is often one that is synonymous with lengthy playtimes. And while Dead Island 2 is shaping up to be somewhat long in its own right, Dambuster has tried to craft an experience that is much more respectful of its players' time. 

In a recent interview with, Dead Island 2's design director, Adam Duckett, spoke a bit about how long those at Dambuster think it will take players to finish the game. For the most part, Duckett said that 20 hours is the broad estimate that Dambuster has when it comes to completing Dead Island 2. Although this number isn't based on reaching 100% completion, it does take into account doing some of the side missions. 

"So we estimate that a single character to play through the [critical] path and engage in a selection of side content, around 20 hours," Duckett said of the length of Dead Island 2. "Again, that was a design choice for us. We understand that people want to do things outside of games so we wanted to really focus on making that experience as enjoyable as possible."

Duckett went on to also mention that Dead Island 2 has been designed to be highly replayable, which is one of the reasons why it's a bit shorter when compared to other open-world games. With six unique characters to choose from and a deck-building system at the core of the title, Duckett believes that those who want more out of Dead Island 2 after completing their first run will still have a lot left to enjoy. 

Currently, Dead Island 2 is finally slated to launch next month on April 21st and will come to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC (via Epic Games Store). To learn more about the game prior to its release, be sure to check out our recent hands-on impressions.