Dead Space YouTube Update Fuels Rumors About New Game

Dead Space both as a game and a series has been the subject of many conversations centered around Electronic Arts' upcoming EA Play Live event with a recent update on YouTube fueling rumors of a new project. The Dead Space account itself was updated for the first time in years, a sign of life that's given its fans hope. The update was just a profile picture change and nothing more, but any activity at all after so long has people wondering if a new game, a remake, a remaster, or something else will indeed be announced during the EA events happening later this month.

The YouTube update was spotted by Twitter user Sierra07 who shared the before and after looks at the channel this week. The previous profile picture featured the logo for Dead Space 3, the most recent release from 2013, while the new image features a more generic shot of half of protagonist Isaac Clarke's signature helmet.

This update to the Dead Space YouTube channel actually took place before GamesBeat reported outright that EA Motive was working on a remake of the original Dead Space. The two developments in the long-running Dead Space rumors go hand in hand with one another to suggest that something is almost certainly underway regarding Dead Space.

EA's big EA Play Live event is scheduled to begin on July 22nd, so if we were to see something announced about any sort of Dead Space project, that seems like the place to look this summer. The publisher said it'd be announcing and teasing some things in the build-up to the event over the next week or so, but something as big as a Dead Space remake or remaster is definitely an announcement for the main show, so it seems unlikely we'd hear much more about this from official channels before something is actually announced.

Whether the Dead Space rumors play out as people might hope or not, there's at least another similar project to look forward to next year. Striking Distance Studios, the new developer led by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield, is working on a horror game called The Callisto Protocol which very much looked like it could be a spiritual successor to Dead Space. That game is not scheduled to release until 2022, however, so we still have plenty of time to learn more about it and any future Dead Space projects.